The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls is pleased to work with the California Budget and Policy Center to highlight the new California Women’s Well-Being Index. The data is featured on the Commission’s website and the Commission is committed to sharing the information with its statewide partners, Commissioners, and subject matter experts. The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls is proud to partner with the Budget Center for a series of virtual events and targeted reports to learn more about key takeaways and regional trends from the Index.

The Budget Center’s California Women’s Well-Being Index pulls together an array of measures for women and shares data by race and ethnicity, including health, personal safety, employment and earnings, economic security, and political empowerment. The index displays all 58 California counties of how women are doing in their communities also provides easy-to-download fact sheets by county and each measure.

What can you learn from this interactive resource?


We know that when women thrive and are a part of important decisions in City Council and Board of Supervisor chambers, workplaces, schools, and their homes, our communities prosper. Visit the Index to learn more about how women in your community are faring today and what policymakers can do to make California a better place for women to live and thrive.

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The California Budget & Policy Center was established in 1995 as a source of timely, objective, and accessible expertise on state fiscal and economic policy issues. The Budget Center engages in independent fiscal and policy analysis and public education with the goal of improving the economic and social well-being of Californians with low and middle incomes.