Equal Pay and Workplace Rights Ambassador Program (WRAP)

About WRAP

The Workplace Rights Ambassador Program (WRAP) is an effort of the California Labor Commissioner’s Office (LCO) that seeks to build a bridge to disenfranchised workers. The Office of the First Partner and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) have partnered with the LCO to provide #EqualPayCA training during Equal Pay Day Months for women of color and to increase the number of women of color in the Ambassador program.

Employees need support, especially during Covid-19, and is it the responsibility of the State to act quickly to ensure people understand their rights, are educated on how to advocate for themselves, and can take action if they believe their rights are being violated. For these reasons, CCSWG and the LCO have partnered to provide women and more specifically women of color with support and tools to advocate for themselves in the workplace and understand how to appropriately navigate nuanced workplace dynamics. 

Members of participating organizations will be trained as workplace rights ambassadors to take information on workplace protections and LCO resources to their communities. These community ambassadors and LCO liaisons will work closely to train targeted populations and facilitate access to resources.

Our joint purpose is to ensure equal pay and equal opportunities are available in every workforce in the State while promoting economic justice and full enforcement of California labor laws.

Training Details

Check back soon for details on registration and presenters.


In recognition of Equal Pay Day, the LCO has partnered with the Office of the First Partner and the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to host a WRAP #EqualPayCA training to provide workers with the tools to fight pay discrimination and to effectively file claims under California’s Equal Pay Act. 

The training will also provide workers and organizations with information on how to become an ambassador and how to develop a meaningful partnership with the LCO that addresses the needs of the organization and community.