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Published: Jun 29, 2023


California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls Announces 2023/2024 Grant Recipients of $5M in State Funding

(SACRAMENTO), CA – (June 29, 2023) – The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) announced the recipients of a $5 million grant program to fund organizations serving women and girls. Grantees include organizations serving low income, unemployed, or underemployed, AIAN, BIPOC, LGBTQIA, unhoused, rural, disabled, senior, and veteran populations.

This dedicated investment of state funding into organizations serving women and girls locally across the state represents a unique investment in the economic health and well-being of nearly half of California’s citizens.

California women not only face a significant wage gap, but they also face bias and opportunity gaps that mean women are more likely than men to earn low wages and to live in poverty. These barriers, along with other forms of discrimination mean that the 50.3% of California’s residents that are female are significantly less likely to be able to weather a financial crisis like the one COVID-19 caused, and they will require significant ongoing investment to recover.

The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls is the only state agency dedicated exclusively to gender equity concerns. As such, it is critical that we be a resource for organizations in local communities that are doing the hard work of directly supporting equity and economic growth for California’s diverse women and girls,” said CCSWG Chair, Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan. “The Commission’s research has made clear the need for sustained investment in women who are key stakeholders and drivers of what will soon be the fourth largest economy in the world. Women are essential to our workforce, to innovation, and to creative problem-solving and leadership. We must invest in California’s more than 20 million women today, tomorrow, and every day.

This second, and potentially final year of this state investment in women’s economic equity will bring up to $5 million in funds to local communities through nonprofits, direct service providers, local women’s commissions, intermediary organizations, and governmental entities in response to the economic needs of California women. By using funds allocated to the Commission to support the economic well-being and of women who are half the state’s workforce, but not yet half of its leaders, the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls seeks to close the persistent gaps in opportunity for women and girls to not just exist as part of our labor force, but to thrive as we invest in their creativity, agency, and capacity as innovators, small business owners, and leaders.

We cannot build a thriving and equitable California without economic investments in gender parity at the state, county, city and community levels,” said CCSWG Executive Director Holly Martinez. “With women still facing a persistent wage gap, limited investment in their businesses, a disproportionate level of student debt and rent burden, and a persistent expectation that they shoulder the bulk of family caregiving responsibilities in addition to holding full-time jobs, it has never been more apparent that investing in women’s economic equity is investing in the future of California’s growth and global competitiveness. Women are half the workforce and the only way to grow is to support the expansion of their opportunities and success.

In the award process, the Commission prioritized new and returning organizations who work to improve access and affordability of child and/or elder care services, increase utilization and uptake of safety-net programs that offer services to support basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, etc., achieve reskilling/upskilling through accreditation, certification, or vocational or educational programs, and enhance financial ability to grow economic security, assets, and wealth building.

The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls is elated to embark on the second year of this highly competitive and transformative grant opportunity, which continues to funnel much-needed resources to diverse communities centering women and girls throughout the state,” said CCSWG Deputy Director of Operations and Grants, Tifani Bartow. “It is clear that the need for economic recovery, and sustained investment in economic equity, access to opportunity and supportive resources for women, girls and all Californians remain a priority especially when we see the growing needs and challenges of women and girls on the rise.

As California continues to tackle issues of gendered economic inequality, it has never been more critical that California invest in women and girls across our state. Because women are essential to California’s future. A complete list of grant recipients can be found at

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