Youth Advisory Council

We educate policymakers, service providers, and community officials throughout California about the experiences, needs and opinions of our state’s youth and young adults.

Applications are now being accepted for Youth Advisory Council members! Application deadline is February 3, 2023.

The CA Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) works in a culturally inclusive manner to promote equality and justice for all women and girls by advocating on their behalf with the Governor, the Legislature and other public policymakers, and by educating the public in the areas of economic equity and other key issue areas identified by the Commission as significantly affecting women and girls.

CCSWG is establishing a Youth Advisory Council to virtually facilitate a group of young women and girls (ages 12-19), to advise the Commission on pressing issues facing girls today and to inform on programmatic and policy priorities that will have maximum impact.  

If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please complete the electronic application below. If your application is chosen for next steps, you will be contacted to participate in a short interview. Please email any questions to: Thank you for your interest.

Thank you!

Holly Martinez
Executive Director

*All references to ‘women and girls’ include gender-expansive individuals (cis women and girls, trans women and girls, nonbinary individuals, gender-nonconforming individuals, genderqueer individuals, and any women or girl identified individuals).


About the YAC

In 2022, the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) recognized that the voices of our younger constituents were not being represented. In response to that need, we are creating our Youth Advisory Council (YAC). Having a youth-centered approach is vital. Not only does it help us see the state through different eyes, but it also ensures that CCSWG is including the voices of all our constituents.

The YAC is a group of young residents (ages 12-19) of California brought together to increase youth involvement in California’s public policy efforts. Through this council, CCSWG shall keep young adults engaged through positive Youth Development, that aims to promote positive outcomes for young people by providing opportunities that build on strengths for girls to reach their full potential.

*All references to ‘women and girls’ include gender-expansive individuals (cis women and girls, trans women and girls, nonbinary individuals, gender-nonconforming individuals, genderqueer individuals, and any women or girl identified individuals).

Our Mission

The YAC members will provide insight into policies, procedures, and legislation affecting youth throughout California. The YAC will provide meaningful leadership for its members through training, experiences, and interactions with Commissioners and CCSWG staff, resulting in the empowerment of young women and girls to become advocates not only for themselves but for their communities.




The role of the CCSWG YAC is to operate in an advisory capacity by providing current knowledge, critical thinking, and analysis to increase the confidence of the Commission’s decision-makers and that they have a reliable connection with young women of our state.


YAC Membership

• Members shall be between the ages of 12-19
• Membership shall be diverse (i.e., ages, abilities, ethnicities, backgrounds, and geographical areas)
• There shall be 12 core members.
• Elections shall be held for Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary
• Chair: Leads by example and is the primary liaison between the Commissioners, Commission staff and the YAC members. Ensures structures and procedures are in place for effective meetings. Effectively communicates with YAC Vice Chair, Secretary, and Commission to develop and disseminate meeting agendas and minutes on time. Possesses effective communication and time-management skills needed in order to lead meetings and follow up with necessary parties on action items.
• Vice Chair: Assists Chair in carrying out important tasks such as agenda development and dissemination of pertinent information. Works closely with Chair and stands in place of Chair if Chair is absent.
• Secretary: Takes meeting minutes. Sends minutes to Chair, Vice Chair, and CCSWG staff for review, prior to dissemination to YAC members and Commissioners.


  • Attend bi-monthly (6x/year) Youth Advisory Council meetings to develop leadership and advocacy skills.
  • Work directly with CCSWG staff and Commissioners as requested.
  • Serve as a local CCSWG youth ambassador and act as a liaison within your local community.
  • Be open to share information peer-to-peer with your fellow YAC members.
  • Advise and proactively make recommendations regarding issues that affect young women within your geographical area.
  • Communicate with Commission Programs Director if no longer able to fulfill responsibilities and have to step down from YAC.