The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls is a state agency working to amplify gender inequities and injustices, champion solutions, and deliver connections to relevant, timely resources to women and girls across the state. Our programs are designed to address key disparities – because California Women Are Essential!

Our Programs

SAC on Sexual Assault Victim Services

The SAC provides oversight to the Rape Crisis, Child Sexual Abuse, and Child Sexual Exploitation and Intervention Programs and gives voice to the needs of sexual assault survivors. CCSWG appoints six of the members of this vital committee. 

College Student Right to Access Act

California has chosen to be a leader on reproductive healthcare access. The College Student Right to Access Act ensures that California’s college and university students have access to medication abortion through campus health centers. 

Girls in STEAM

Women and girls in California continue to lag behind their male counterparts in STEAM fields. The Commission partners with the California Department of Education and the CDE Foundation to act as annual co-hosts of the California STEAM Symposium.

WRAP #EqualPayCA

The Workplace Rights Ambassador Program (WRAP) is an effort of the California Labor Commissioner’s Office (LCO) that seeks to build a bridge to disenfranchised workers. Together with the First Partner, these agencies provide a grassroots focused #EqualPayCA training during Equal Pay Day months.

Future of Abortion Council

Reproductive healthcare access is a critical issue facing Californians. The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls is proud to contribute to the work of the “California Future of Abortion Council” (CA FAB Council) to protect reproductive rights and expanding access to sexual and reproductive health.


Your Vote Is Your Voice

Your Vote Is Your Voice is a campaign created with the California Secretary of State’s Office to amplify the resources available designed to make voting easy for every California resident. 

COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to affect California for years to come. Please explore the resources we have gathered here to assist women during this time. 

Statewide Events

Across California various agencies work to uplift and celebrate women in different ways. Learn more about the campaigns and efforts taking place on our calendar of partner events.

Women & Girls Resource Hub

Find links to resources on topics ranging from gender equity in the workplace, women in the military and the needs of veterans and efforts to improve health access for women and girls. 

Equality Icons

The experiences of women and girls must be understood through an intersectional lens, but awareness is only the first step. Celebrate some of the women doing this important work.

Reports on the Status of Women

The Commission is a regular contributor to reports and data assessments that highlight the challenges women in California face. Read our work or that of our partners here. 

Blueprint for a California Women's Pandemic Recovery

The Commission has drafted a Blueprint for Recovery that puts women at the center. The report will be released August 9, 2022 and available for download here.

Companies Signed the Equal Pay Pledge

California Residents are Women We Serve

Participants in #EqualPayCA Trainings

Roughly CA College Students Served


COVID-19 Relief & Resilience: Women’s Recovery Response Grant 

There is no other statewide entity as uniquely positioned to amplify, champion and connect women and girls to state services and resources that address their critical needs as the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. As we grapple with the long-term consequences and persistent challenges of this crisis, it is imperative that women across the state, in all industries and localities, receive the support they need.

Learn more about our  Women’s Recovery Response Grant Opportunity and help us build back a more equitable California with women at the center. #WomenAreEssential

Be An Equal Pay Champion

We are challenging businesses to take the Equal Pay Pledge and commit to conducting an annual company-wide gender pay analysis, reviewing hiring and promotion processes and procedures to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers, and promoting best practices that will close the pay gap to ensure fundamental equity for all workers.

Over 60 major California employers and the State of California have taken the pledge. We would be excited to add your name to this growing list and publicly recognize your commitment to equity in the workplace. Take our pledge, here and join the growing list of organizations who participate in our roundtables, best practices discussions, and support programming for pledge takers. Learn more about our partnership with First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom on the #EqualPayCA campaign here.


All Change Starts Locally


CCSWG is working with county and city Commissions on Women to assess the needs and impact of COVID-19 on the women and girls of California. To contact your local Commission, click the button below.

Collaborate With Us!


CCSWG collaborates with state agencies, non profits, and local commissions on women and girls regularly. To join CCSWG on a project, campaign, or to propose a collaborative effort, please contact Programs Director Tifani Bartow at We look forward to working with you to increase equity, safety, and wellness for the women and girls of California.