Evaluating Job Classifications Subcommittee

Overview: The California Fair Pay Act (SB 358) “replaces a comparison of “equal” work with a comparison of “substantially similar” work.” (see Department of Industrial Relations FAQs) Evaluating job classifications will likely relate to which work is considered substantially similar or not when measuring an organization’s gender pay gap.

Audiences: Information technology, human resources, legal, researchers, unions.

Broad questions: How does a company evaluate jobs given the definition of substantially similar work? What can a company do if they find that their classification system is segmented by gender? What are job evaluation schemes? What about union versus nonunion jobs?

Additional information:

  1. Audit/evaluate job classifications. Substantially similar work by classification. Identify which jobs are substantially similar. Titles may not be the right indicator of substantially similar. Job evaluation schemes. Classify employees correctly. Segment workforce. How to avoid classification issues.

Resources: See literature reviews and documents available on CCSWG website. https://women.ca.gov/california-pay-equity-task-force/#resources. Tell staff if you know of additional resources you would like to share.

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