Evaluating Systems and Functional Infrastructure Subcommittee

Overview: This subcommittee’s focus is on how organizations can evaluate existing data systems and conduct a pay audit in response to the Fair Pay Act.

Audiences: Information technology, human resources, legal, researchers. Additional?

Broad questions: What kinds of data systems and data do a company have? What is the sensitive information? How does a company conduct a pay audit? What to do if a gender wage gap exists? How will new data collection be integrated into existing systems?

Additional information:

  1. Audit/evaluate systems and data. Employers will want to review their current systems capabilities to identify any concerns over the proposed changes in reporting requirements or suggestions. They can assess what, if any, potential risks their systems and data may pose. Check data processes. Decide what to do if collected data is unsatisfactory. Quality of data.
  2. Audit/evaluate/analyze pay equity. Conduct pay audits to avoid violating law. Identify and protect sensitive information. Align pay with pipeline data. Determine reasons any inequities exist.

Resources: See literature reviews and documents available on CCSWG website. https://women.ca.gov/california-pay-equity-task-force/#resources. Tell staff if you know of additional resources you wouldd like to share.

Deliverables Report