LGBTQ Equal Pay Day

LGBTQ+ workers earn about 90 cents for every dollar that the typical worker earns. 

About LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Day

This year, our friends at Equal Pay Today are partnering with coalition members to raise awareness around the lack of wage gap data for LGBTQIA+ communities. We’ll join the group in highlighting the disparities LGBTQIA+ communities face when it comes to housing, poverty, and general scarcity as well as specific pay gap data.


LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Day

The 2021 LGBTQ+ Community survey, which is administered by Community Marketing & Insights and supported by the HRC Foundation, found full-time LGBTQ+ workers earned about 90 cents for every dollar that the typical worker earns. This number changed for LGBTQ+ people of color, transgender women and men and non-binary individuals, who  earn the least when compared to their white or cisgender LGBTQ+ peers.

The Wage Gap Among LGBTQ+ Workers in the United States | HRC Foundation

In an HRC Foundation analysis of nearly 7,000 full-time LGBTQ+ workers, median earnings were about $900 weekly, about 90% of the $1,001 median weekly wage a typical worker earns in the United States, as reported recently by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Food Insufficiency Among LGBT Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic | UCLA Williams Institute

Food insufficiency is defined as sometimes or often not having enough to eat in the last seven days. Using data from the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey, this study examines experiences of food insufficiency among LGBT and non-LGBT adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.


 In the first quarter of 2021, HRC and PSB research found that unemployment among LGBTQ+ people increased to 22% of LGBTQ+ adults and 24% of LGBTQ+ adults of color. LGBTQ+ workers overall, and LGBTQ+ people of color, were also more likely than the general adult population to have had their hours cut due to the pandemic. 

Cents on the dollar made by LGBTQ+ White workers

Cents on the dollar made by LGBTQ+ Native American workers

Cents on the dollar made by LGBTQ+ Black workers

Cents on the dollar made by LGBTQ+ Latinx workers


The Data

According to data by the Human Rights Campaign, one-third (36%) of LGBTQ+ workers say they have experienced discrimination in the workplace, with 29% of LGBTQ+ people, 37% Black respondents, and more than half of transgender respondents saying this discrimination had significantly impacted their financial well-being.



Data on the LGBTQIA+ wage gap is extremely limited. The wage gap between LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ people is potentially even larger than what is linked here, as the HRC analysis only includes full-time workers. Previous research has repeatedly found that LGBTQ+ people are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed relative to their straight and cisgender peers.


Take Action!

Pieces of legislation in Ohio, South Carolina, and Wisconsin are part of a wave of bills across the country targeting trans kids’ right to play sports. Tweet at each state’s committee members and tell them to vote NO on these harmful bills here:

You can’t fix what isn’t visible. Join @CCSWG on Twitter and Instagram on June 15, 2022 to help raise awareness about the LGBTQIA+ pay gap. Download sharable graphics here.