Notice of Nominating Committee Meeting

Author: Commission News
Published: Jul 11, 2016


A meeting of

The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls


Thursday, July 21, 2016

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM

900 N Street, Suite 390 Sacramento, CA 95814.

One or more of the Nominating Committee members will participate in this meeting at the teleconference sites listed below. Each teleconference location is accessible to the public and the public will be given an opportunity to address the Committee at each teleconference location.

The public teleconference site(s) for this meeting are as follows:

Temecula Public Library, 3060 Pauba Road, Temecula, CA 92592

The Aspen Meadows Resort, 845 Meadows Road, Aspen, CO 81611

Further Teleconference sites may be added. Public comments will be taken on agenda items at the time the specific item is raised. Please check the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) website for updates, as the meeting may be rescheduled. For verification of the meeting, access the Commission’s website at Time limitations for discussion and comment will be determined by the Chair.

The Nominating Committee will discuss and may take action on the following items:

I. Welcome and Call to Order

II. Roll Call, Establish Quorum

III. New Business

  1. Nominations (ACTION)

IV. Public Comment – Including matters not on the agenda*

V. Adjourn

*In addition to public comment regarding each agenda item, the Commission affords an opportunity to members of the public to address the Commission on items of interest that are within the Commission’s jurisdiction but are not on the noticed agenda. The Commission is not permitted to take action on items that are not on the noticed agenda, but may refer items for future consideration. The Commission reserves the right to limit the time for speakers. Please contact Nancy Kirshner-Rodriguez at 916-651-5405 or to submit written material regarding an agenda item or to request special accommodations for persons with disabilities, or non-English language translations. Any person with a disability who wishes to receive this Notice and Agenda in an alternative format, or who wishes to request auxiliary aids or services to participate in the meeting of the Commission, in accordance with State or Federal law, should contact Ms. Kirshner-Rodriguez at 916-651-5405 not later than five (5) business days before the noticed meeting day. To view this agenda online please visit our website at