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*The Commission on the Status of Women and Girls is currently seeking applications for appointments to the State Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault Victim Services (SAC) in the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Click the icon  labeled Position Description above for more information on how to apply.


Who is SAC?

The SAC (State Advisory Committee), established by Penal Code Section 13836, provides oversight to the Rape Crisis, Child Sexual Abuse, and Child Sexual Exploitation and Intervention Programs. The California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) recognizes the far-reaching impact of the sexual violence on individuals, communities, and society. Through the SAC, the Office of Emergency Services gives voice to the concerns and needs of sexual assault survivors in California.

History of SAC

State funding for rape crisis centers began in 1978 with the establishment of a grant program at the Department of Social Services. In 1980, legislation (P.C. 13836) transferred administrative responsibility for this program to Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Planning (OCJP), and also established the SAC. The OCJP has since been disbanded, with their sexual assault programs being moved to Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. The SAC‘s oversight responsibilities increased in 1983 and 1985 when legislative amendments added the Child Sexual Abuse Program and the Child Sexual Exploitation and Intervention Program to P.C. 13836.

SAC Goals

The SAC goals are ambitious and include: legislative advocacy and development; provision of optimal medical and forensic evaluation and treatment of all victims of sexual assault and abuse; victim restitution advocacy; increased training for professionals who works with victims and survivors; monitoring, evaluation and recommendation of public policy as it relates to sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and child sexual exploitation.


The SAC is authorized by statute to advise the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services on program development and implementation, to develop criteria for awarding funds, to assist in the development of a course of training for prosecutors who investigate and prosecute sexual assault cases, and to approve grants awarded to the three programs for which it has oversight. The SAC is composed of 11 members, five of which are appointed by the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) and include three district attorneys representatives, one law enforcement representative, and one public defender’s office representative. The Commission on the Status of Women appoints the six remaining members, which shall include one rape crisis center representative and one medical professional experienced in dealing with sexual assault victims. The SAC usually meets four times a year.

IPV Resources

If you are concerned about being quarantined in an unsafe home situation or need help, all DV shelter resources are generally available on: The National Domestic Violence Hotline is also available 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 1-800-787-3223 (TTY).