The California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (CCSWG) formed the California Pay Equity Task Force in 2016, the year that the Fair Pay Act of 2015 took effect. The Fair Pay Act amended California’s equal pay law as it applies to employee’s gender.

In 2017, another law took effect that further expanded protections under California’s equal pay law to employees of a “different race or ethnicity.” Because the CCSWG formed this Task Force in 2016, our work has focused primarily on creating tools and guidance related to implementation of the Fair Pay Act of 2015.

We recognize that equal pay issues affect employees at the intersection of sex and race/ethnicity and that more work needs to be done to address the wage gap facing people of color and women of color in particular. Our hope is that the tools and materials provided here will serve as useful starting points for employees, employers, and unions so that we can work towards achieving pay equity for all workers throughout California.

We are proud to partner with the Office of the First Partner to help close the gap in California.

Pay Equity Employees


The following resources are to inform employees about equal pay.

Pay Equity Employer


The following resources are to inform employers about equal pay.

Pay Equity Unions


Information for union employees and representatives.

Pay Equity Job Seeker

Job Seekers

The following resources are to help job seekers in their job search.

Pay Equity Additional Tools

Additional Tools

FAQs, California Law, Statutory History, and Wage Information.

Pay Equity Glossary


Terms and definition associated with the Pay Equity Task Force Resources.

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