Challenges and Barriers Subcommittee

Overview: Over the course of this Task Force, we expect that members and the public will identify barriers to achieving pay equity. These can be barriers within subcommittee themes as well as those found regarding topics yet to be identified. This subcommittee will identify barriers as a means to provide topics for discussion, panel presentations, solutions, and deliverables.

Audiences: Employers, human resources, legal, unions? Additional?

Broad question: What barriers are there to complying with California’s Fair Pay Act? What are barriers to achieving pay equity more generally? What are the interactions between state and federal laws that impact compliance?

Additional information:

  1. Understand employers’ perceived barriers to compliance, and identify what can be done to remove those barriers.

Resources: See literature reviews and documents available on CCSWG website. Tell staff if you know of additional resources you would like to share.


Deliverables Report