Enforcement and Process Subcommittee

Overview: The California Fair Pay Act (SB 358) identifies oversight agencies, puts forth what employees are allowed to ask about salaries, defines how employers should respond, and conveys consequences for noncompliance and retaliation.

Audiences: Employers, employees, human resources, legal, unions. Additional?

Broad questions: What is the process employers should follow to achieve pay equity? What if there appears to be pay inequity? Who processes claims? What happens to claims? What are possible outcomes of claims? What else do the audiences need to know about compliance and employee rights? What is considered compliance with the law?

Additional information:

  1. Oversight/enforcement. A short section identifying Labor Commissioner’s Office and California Fair Employment and Housing.
  2. Process. How a claim is processed?
  3. Outcomes. Penalties, fines, and cost to employers and benefits to employees as well as information about retaliation.

Resources: Tell staff if you know of additional resources you would like to share.

Deliverables Report