Lisa Calderon



Lisa Calderon is a life-long Democrat, 30-year resident of our community and raised three sons here in local schools. Lisa knows working families are the foundation our country is built upon, because she comes from one. Her parents were farmworkers who labored in Central Valley fields. Her Dad proudly served this country in Vietnam.

No one has handed Lisa anything in life. That has made her fiercely independent. Her own woman. She worked her way through college as a waitress and went on to serve as one of the first Latina legislative aides in the State Legislature. In that capacity, she helped the elderly gain access to Medi-Cal services and worked with small business owners to find capital they needed to grow and expand.

Lisa knows right from wrong and how to take a strong stand. As a community leader, she organized against Prop 187 and the racism that fueled it. She put together marches, phone bank operations, and mobilizations. Lisa inspired hundreds to speak out and take action. Her work as an activist was recognized by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party when they honored her as Democrat of the Year for our community.

She has been a successful businesswoman for the past 20 years. She knows how to create good-paying jobs and help workers gain new skills to move ahead. That’s especially important because Lisa sees too many of her neighbors just getting by rather than getting ahead. She will work for more housing and lower rents.

Lisa Calderon will crack down on the polluters who make our air toxic and our water unsafe. She will bring leadership and urgency to reducing homelessness. Lisa will take on the insurance companies who make healthcare unaffordable and healthcare services hard to get.