Deliverables Subcommittee

Overview: This subcommittee’s members will identify deliverables and content the Task Force could produce for different audiences. Content will be derived from other subcommittees and the Task Force. Subcommittee members will also suggest how companies could make pay gap and employee rights information available. This subcommittee will also identify model products from other state and federal equal pay initiatives.

Audiences: Employees, employers, human resources, legal, researchers, unions. Additional?

Broad questions: How can the Task Force best disseminate information it produces? What should be produced? Which formats? Who are the audiences for each deliverable? How can companies make information about their pay gaps and employee rights available?

Additional information:

  1. Publishing information about pay gaps. Where should information be published? Does information have to be made available to anyone? Which information should be published? When should information be published? Publication timetables. Should companies publishing data provide supporting commentary or not. Benefits of transparency.
  2. Outreach to and inform employees and employers about equal pay protections and rights and duties under the new law.
  3. Produce a substantive guide that will facilitate employer and employee understanding of and compliance with the law and the importance of gender equity in the workplace and compensation.
  4. Provide ongoing written guidance about the purpose of the law, complete with steps to help with compliance.


See literature reviews and documents available on CCSWG’s website

Tell staff if you know of additional resources you would like to share.

Deliverables document


Kelly Jenkins-Pultz, U.S. Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau

Victoria Pynchon, She Negotiates

Staff Contact:

Stephanie Tseu, Policy Director, CCSWG