Where Can I Look For a Job?

The first step in a job search is deciding which job/career you wish to consider.

California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) My Next Move website will help you choose from many possible jobs based on your interests, skills, education, personality, desired salary, experience, and knowledge. If you are not sure what you want to do, EDD’s Labor Market Information for Job Seekers and Students even provides self-assessments so you can match *you* to a job or career. California Occupational Guides and Occupations in Demand will also help you find out more about which jobs are in growing fields and offer more opportunities, education/training for those jobs, and what might be the basic pay rate for new and more experienced staff. This site even tells you where those jobs are in California and specific companies that hire people in the job you want.

Another great resource is American Job Centers, where they can help you look for and apply for a job.


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