Working For Women's Equality


For more than 50 years, the Commission has identified and worked to eliminate inequities in state laws, practices, and conditions that affect California’s women and girls. Established as a state agency with 17 appointed commissioners in 1965, the Commission regularly assesses gender equity in health, safety, employment, education, and equal representation in the military, and the media. The Commission provides leadership through research, policy and program development, education, outreach and collaboration, advocacy, and strategic partnerships.


As a society we must collectively commit to confronting the cultural biases that harm women. Part of this is ensuring that we include, uplift, and celebrate all of the many contributions of women, particularly those that have historically been overlooked or marginalized. The experiences of women and girls must be understood through an intersectional lens, but awareness is only the first step – active allyship, advocacy, and structural change are needed to build true equality for women of color in California and across the nation. Today, we recognize and celebrate the iconic women who have made history for women and girls, taking great strides in our movement toward a more equitable and just society.

The Barrier Breakers

Madame Vice President

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Dr. Shirley Weber, California Secretary of State Nominee

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Assemblywoman Eloise Gómez Reyes, CA Assembly Majority Leader

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The Advocates

Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell

Click here to learn more about former Commissioner and the newest LA County Supervisor, Holly J. Mitchell.

Former California Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

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The Path Builders

Women of Color in the Suffrage Movement

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The Notorious RBG

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