Measuring The Pay Gap

The information provided here is meant to give a general framework of questions and concepts for employers interested in conducting a pay audit, hiring a qualified statistician to conduct a pay audit for them, or hiring internal staff to do this work. The purpose of this tool is three-fold:

  • Provide a framework to assist employers and analysts to design and structure an analysis plan.
  • Identify some widely accepted analytical approaches to measure pay equity.
  • Identify questions employers can ask when hiring someone to do a pay equity analysis for them.

There is no universally applicable, one-size-fits-all method for measuring pay equity.  The tools provided here are not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of all methods.  Instead, they provide an overview of some commonly-used methods for analysis and introduce concepts and vocabulary that may be helpful in understanding the components of a pay equity analysis. Given the complexities of performing statistical analysis, it is a best practice to work with an expert in pay equity analysis.

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